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About Our Soap
Our goal is to provide you with soap that will nourish your skin and last a long time. Each bar is made with rich, moisturizing goat’s milk and the finest scented oils. With over 30 different scents of soap, there is something for everyone. Each bar cures for at least one month before being used, and when properly cared for, our soap lasts much longer than store-bought product. All bars are labeled with a complete list of ingredients which may inlcude extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, lard, tallow, and castor oil. Be sure to check out our wooden soap dishes for more information on extending the life of your soap.  


Which soap is right for me? 
About Our Lotion Bars
For anyone who suffers from cracked hands or dry elbows, our moisturizing lotion bars are a must! These moisturizing lotion bars are packaged in a convenient, 1-oz round tin so they fit easily in your purse or briefcase. The moisturizing qualities of these lotion bars come from the high quality ingredients--some of which may include beeswax, cocoa or shea butter, and olive oil. With a healthy dose of Vitamin E natural and a touch of essential or fragrance oil for scent, these lotion bars are sure to be a hit. 
About Wooden Soap Dishes
Not only do these natural wooden dishes complement the look of Hanley Fold Farm goat milk soap, but they also maximize the life of your soap. Each dish is made from a solid piece of sanded, unfinished grade 1 yellow pine, a lightweight wood that does not easily absorb water. These slotted dishes are perfect for helping your bars to last as long as possible. 
About Lip balm
Happy hands?  How about happy lips?  Hanley Fold Farm also offers a line of all natural lip balm which is sure to relieve your dry, cracked lips.  You'll love the convenience and the dependability of this moisturizing product.  So pick up a few tubes and be nice to your lips.